• Core Principles and the 5 C's
  • Personal Space
  • Reading Body Language Gestures
  • Do's and Don'ts of Body Language in Business
  • Having the edge in business meetings
  • Matching and Mirroring
  • ​Deceit Gestures
  • ​Seven secrets of attractive body language

THIS one day interactive workshop will focus on the power of Body Language and how it can be used to provide the business edge by ensuring that body language is always in sync with the message being conveyed.


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Body Language Business Style


  • Understand why body language is an important means of communication.
  • ​Be able to use body language to enhance their personal impact, presence and command over listeners.
  • Know how to build rapport vis body language
  • Understand how to interpret other peoples key body language signals.

EFFECTIVE communication skills are critical in the business arena and although verbal communication plays a large part in this, a significant proportion of our messages come from our non-verbal communication.  It is well known that body language is an important, influential aspect of communication and understanding how it works is essential in the development of personal communication and effectiveness.