ENHANCE your communication, personal effectiveness and team work skills in this one day workshop in a fresh and fruity way that is easy to remember and even easier to implement. In a fun and simple way, delegates will understand their natural preferences and learn about their strengths weaknesses and how to improve their working relationships.  It is a tool for discovery, growth and self-development.


  • Background to Jung's Personality Types
  • The Fruity Approach to Your Personality
  • Your Fruity Relationship Map
  • Action plan moving forward

Human Smoothie

Human Smoothie provides the magic formula to adapt and connect with those around you - the ultimate map to achieving success and happiness at work and at home.  This workshop uses the psychological springboard provided by the work of the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung.


Please contact one of our Consultants for more information and upcoming workshop dates on:

+44 (0) 203 609 8604 or email:  contact@siaraltd.com


  • Recognise the key principles behind the Human Smoothie
  • ​Identify your preferences to establish which fruit smoothie you consist of.
  • ​Distinguish the various other fruity characteristics and how to communicate effectively with them.
  • Diagnose the key relationships within your working environment and identify improvements using your fruity relationship map.
  • ​Draw up an action plan to address your identified improvement areas.