• Understand the qualities of an effective leader.
  • Asses personal leadership qualities and develop action plans to improve.
  • Develop team goals based on the business vision.
  • Be able to motivate team members
  • ​Deal with difficult staff members
  • Challenge staff in a meaningful and effective way
  • Coach staff effectively using a simple process


  • Qualities of an Effective Leader
  • Leader vs Manager
  • ​That Vision Thing 
  • Developing Team Goals
  • Motivation
  • Being Consistently Different
  • Dealing with Difficult Team Members
  • Three Key Skills of Coaching
  • Role play 

Leading Effective Teams

HAVING an effective team is crucial within any organisation.  Effective team leadership relies upon mastering a wide assortment of skill ranging from implementing policies and organising procedures to motivating staff to achieve high standards.  The aim of team leadership is to assist members of the team to achieve their personal best.


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THIS one day workshop addresses the skills required to lead an effective team and how to get the best out of people by understanding your role as a leader, both personally and from the point of view of the team.  This workshop is suitable for anyone who leads a team, is in a leadership role or embarking on a position of leadership.