• Understand the personal journey through change.
  • Understand practical methods of delivering a change message.
  • Distinguish the seven steps to influence change.
  • ​Tackle change more effectively at a personal level.
  • Lead change for those around them.
  • Support employees through change.
  • Plan and implement changes in the workplace

Managing Change


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MANAGING Change - this 2 day workshop will introduce delegates to practical tools and techniques that will enable understanding of people during the change process. Clear methodologies and processes will be provided assisting delegates in influencing change for the organisation and employees.


  • Change journey
  • Barriers to change and characters involved.
  • Communicating change
  • Change House model
  • Seven steps to influencing change
  • Leading Change
  • ​The Phases of Change
  • ​Your Change Model

MANAGING change is an essential skill for every Effective Leader when working in a rapidly changing business environment.   Change has always been an aspect of life and work.  The success of a change initiative depends on how well it is planned, communicated and implemented.  Above all understanding how employees respond to and cope with the changes is key successful change management.