ALTHOUGH this one day workshop has been designed with Managers in mind, the content is suitable for anyone that might have to deal with 'difficult' behaviours or be placed in situations where they have to influence and adapt to  the people.

Managing Difficult Behaviours


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  • Identify the root causes of tension in the workplace
  • Recognise common triggers and inhibitors of behaviour
  • Appreciate the Stimulus-Response model and how to adapt it
  • Explain the attitude and behaviour cycle and relate it to their own experience
  • ​Understand and apply behaviours for defusing/calming situations

MODERN work environment places many demands on the Manager, not least the need to treat 'difficult' employees with the same care and respect afforded to those who are less demanding.  Recognising and understanding the cause or causes of this behaviour, and the Manager's self awareness of their own behaviour and its impact, are vital in the fight to create a working environment where everyone is treated equally and are afforded the same opportunities.


  • Issues, causes & consequences of difficult behaviours
  • Difficult behaviour types
  • Your own behaviour
  • Our two minds
  • Stimulus & Response
  • Attitude & Behaviour Cycle
  • Triggers
  • Emotional Bank account
  • ​Managing Behaviour Practice