BECOMING a new manager can be a daunting task associated with its own unique set of challenges.  As a Manager you are responsible for your own productivity and that of your staff.  This workshop is designed for those who have moved into the management role recently or those wishing to 'polish up' on their management skills. 

In this three day workshop, delegates will learn proven management techniques that can be put into action immediately.  This workshop will build the confidence and the skill set required and expected from newly appointed First Line Managers.  Delegates will learn how to establish goals and expectations, conduct performance appraisals, provide feedback, address general management issues and motivate staff.


  • Understand the characteristics of highly effective managers
  • Understand how to manage performance
  • Be able to apply the most appropriate management style to each individual and situation.
  • Acquire a range of tools for engaging, managing and motivating others


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Managing for Success:  Essentials of Management


  • Characteristics of highly effective managers
  • Effective delegation
  • Managing Performance
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Delivering performance feedback
  • Creating a Motivating Environment
  • ​Coaching your staff